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WIN-Pittsburgh recognizes the power and importance of mentoring as it relates to personal and professional growth.  There are several opportunities for becoming a mentor or a mentee.  You may choose one or more of the following options that suit your personality, ambitions and objectives the best:

  •  eMentoring
  • Professional Member to Member Mentor/Mentee
  • Volunteer Opportunities



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image1907WIN-Pittsburgh is a supporter of PA ementoring.  eMentoring only requires that you volunteer approximately 20 minutes per week from you computer as online mentors for a high school age youth.  When you register, make a note that you are with WIN-Pittsburgh so that you will be matched with a young woman. You will be asked to uncover and share your own school and career story.




Professional Mentor/Mentee

New incoming members may be matched to an existing member of WIN-Pittsburgh eager to share their own professional experiences. The mentors and mentees make a commitment to meet at least once a month and connect weekly through email or by phone.  The mentoring committee has created a formal program that provides both the mentors and mentees with the resources they need to develop a positive and engaging mentoring relationship that promotes both personal and professional development.


Girls Hope of Pittsburgh Mentoring & Volunteering

Find out how you can make a difference through mentoring & volunteering.

While it is the primary responsibility of the administration and residential staff to forge genuine, healthy relationships with each scholar, volunteers are welcome to share a wealth of gifts with the scholars.           Donate items to Girls Hope of Pittsburgh

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about our member’s charities

Please stay tuned for more information regarding our new partnerships with local organizations so that you may customize your own volunteer experiences to what matters most to you and yours. Click on the link above to stay connected to our updates.