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Welcome to the home of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Association of the Women’s Interactive Networkwhere professional women network with a purpose. Please check back often, as we continue to develop resources, content and connections to fulfill our mission of building a community of women who encourage and support each other both professionally and personally.

Professional Development Day Attendee: As far as feedback, I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed the interactiveness that the group had!  I loved hearing from other women as the presentations related to them.  I felt that it made for easy interactions during the breaks  because we could easily find something to communicate about!  I thought that all of the speakers had great content and a great message. Everything was very comfortable and you created an environment where everyone felt safe to share their own insights! You have a gift for bringing great women together!

Meet Our Featured Member

Bethany Schaub

Founder, Transcend Bodyworks

Rise Above Your Limits

Transcend Bodyworks mission is to help our clients live a happier, healthier more balanced lifestyle, through the regular practice of the healing arts.

“Bethany Schaub – Founder of Transcend Bodyworks, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master”

In 2003 I attended college and dabbled in sales, among other jobs, but still had yet to find my true calling. I realized I had gifts to offer the world, but needed a fresh perspective. I packed up my car and drove south in search of my calling. After many long walks on the beach, I made a decision, and within a month I’d found a school, moved into an apartment, and was on my way. A year later I graduated from The Heritage Institute for Massage Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 2005 I returned to Pennsylvania to start my family and career. During the many years I spent working as a massage therapist, I’ve had the opportunity to hone my skills, master multiple techniques, and provide clients optimal physical benefit along with the stress-diminishing tranquility massage provides. My goal is to ensure that clients not only feel wonderful during massage, but experience the alleviation of chronic pain for weeks or even months. In addition to massage, continued education has led me to other holistic treatments, including reflexology and reiki. In 2013 I became a Reiki Master and am now able to offer my clients chakra energy work for physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance. I’m pleased to offer my expertise throughout this next phase of my career as I open my own space, Transcend Bodyworks.

The newest and most exciting part of Transcend Bodyworks is the addition of infrared fitness. I am happiest and healthiest when I find time for physical fitness and reflection; in this spirit, I decided to incorporate both into my new business by offering Hotworx. The Hotworx system is an infrared sauna spacious enough for three people to exercise inside – it goes beyond hot yoga! For clients who want the positive effects of infrared heat without the workout, we offer a guided meditation program. Please join me on my journey to creating a happier, healthier community and finding balance in a hectic world.

I look forward to meeting you!

Love and Peace, Bethany

Please join us in welcoming Bethany as one of our newest WIN-Pittsburgh members for 2018!

Contact Bethany to schedule a 1:1 and massage!

The National Association of the Women’s Interactive Network (NA-WIN)


Mission Statement:To build a community of women who encourage and support each other both professionally and personally.

The Women’s Interactive Network (WIN) offers an opportunity to meet women whom are successful in all aspects of business, from the corporate ranks to entrepreneurs. Every meeting and event allows ample opportunity to hone networking skills while enjoying the company of business-minded women.

WIN recognizes the power and importance of mentoring as it relates to personal and professional growth. New incoming members may be matched to an existing member , upon request, who is eager to share their own professional experiences. The mentors and mentees make a commitment to meet at least once a month and connect weekly through email or by phone. The mentoring committee has created a formal program that provides both the mentors and mentees with the resources they need to develop a positive and engaging mentoring relationship that promotes both personal and professional development.

WIN encourages professional development through its programming. Each monthly meeting, or webinar includes speakers who will teach you new leadership, marketing, financial planning and interpersonal skills. Participating on any of WIN’s committees also provides a great opportunity to learn new skills while forming closer relationships with other members. Learn new, marketable skills within the event planning, finance, marketing, membership, mentoring, programming, and nominating committees.

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